A full service private investigation firm


Detailed Investigations

We leave no stone unturned in finding you the answers you deserve.  No investigation is too small or too complex.


Subpoena and Court Order Service

We can track down and serve individuals in Civil Court process.


Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

Our Computer Forensic specialists can, in most cases, retrieve lost or deleted information from computer hard drives and cell phones.

Digital Forensics


As court recognized experts within the field of computer and digital forensics, our investigators provide technical services to include the onsite seizure of materials for analytical review, document preparation, clearly comprehensive forensic reports, and the recovery of forensic files and data.  Our examiners have a vast amount of experience with the collection of evidence for criminal prosecution, civil litigation, employees related matters and the sharing and dissemination of confidential information. 


· Consultation 

· Onsite seizure of computers and    cellular phones for investigation

· Expert Testimony 

· Forensic Analysis of digital evidence 

· Comprehensive Reporting

Whether an attempt has been made to delete files, devices have been reformatted or attempts have been made to conceal or destroy evidence, our examiners specialize in both the recovery and comprehensive documentation of the files or evidence collected. Our examiners will not only explain the collection process to our clients, we will also provide our clients will a thorough investigative report, outlining what matters to them most.

Forensic Polygraph

Our certified forensic examiners provide services for clients within the areas of employment screening, internal investigations, criminal prosecution, fidelity, professional competitions, civil matters and PCSOT.  Additional services include but are not limited to: quality control assessments, cognitive and forensic interviews, view questionnaires, and statement analysis.

DCF investigations will provide forensic polygraph services throughout New England; with examiners licensed in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut Rhode Island and New York.  With a background in the Canadian Discipline of Forensic Polygraph, our highly trained examiners provided services in the following areas:

Pre-Employment Screening Examinations

DCF Investigations will work directly with municipal, county, and state law enforcement agencies to conduct pre-employment polygraph screening examinations for new applicants, internal affairs investigations, and the testing of current employees for promotion and assignment change.

Criminal Investigations 

Our forensic polygraph examiners will work hand in hand with criminal defense attorneys, both confidentially and under the protection of the attorney client privilege, to obtain both clarity and direction for your client who may be involved with the legal systems.

Post-Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT)

As certified PCSOT examiners, we work closely with sex offender therapists and the Department of Corrections to aide in the monitoring of sexual offenders.  Our services provide assistance to individuals seeking treatment, while on probation and residing in the community. 

Civil Matters 

DCF Investigations will provide services within the area of financial matters, fidelity (state specific), divorce and other personal matters.  

Professional Competitions 

Our examiners have a vast amount of experience conducting examinations for professional fishing tournaments, body building competitions and matters pertaining to the use of illegal substances for professional athletes.  


Aerial Photography and Surveillance

We can bring surveillance to that next level that other agencies can’t.

We give you “Peace of Mind”.


Being properly prepared for a court appearance is a valuable tool!

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